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"Optimizing one's nervous system creates an environment for maximum healing while simultaneously maximizing the human potential."


Individual stress and pain management, tailored specifically for your needs.

Expert in Neuro-based training and neuroathletics


As a stress and pain coach specializing in Applied Neurology, I focus on reducing pain and stress while improving cognitive function, emotional regulation, concentration, and problem-solving skills through a holistic, brain-based approach. I integrate exercise and tailored neurological exercises to improve overall well-being and increase performance. In addition, I specialize in working with individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD, as well as neurological degenerative diseases such as MS, to alleviate symptoms such as overload, fatigue, and lack of concentration. My goal is to empower people to live fulfilling lives by optimizing their neurological health and resilience.

What makes neuro-based coaching particularly effective in the fight against stress and pain?


Neubased training is particularly effective in the fight against pain and stress because it offers individual solutions based on the personal functions of the nervous system. These tailored approaches have a particularly lasting and profound effect because they directly address the individual needs and reactions of the body. The main peculiarity of neuro-based coaching is that it does not work with the muscles themselves, but with the brain and the nerves that control the muscles. By directly addressing these neurological mechanisms, it enables a profound change that goes beyond the purely physical level and promotes long-term results.

Neuro-based coaching: effective support for ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders


Neuro-based coaching offers targeted support for children and adults with ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Through neuro-based regulation techniques, we can offer individual solutions to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD and improve daily functioning. Our holistic approach aims to stabilize the nervous system, reduce stress, and promote attention, concentration, and self-regulation. With programs specifically tailored to the individual, we help our clients to overcome their challenges and lead a fulfilling life.

Das ultimative Online Programm
Neuro-Adjustment für Unternehmer 

Seit 2017 unterstützt  Neuro-Coaching Menschen dabei, Stress und Schmerzen zu überwinden und ihre Leistungsfähigkeit zu maximieren. Unsere langjährige Erfahrung und unser wissenschaftlich fundierter Ansatz haben uns geholfen, vielen Menschen zu einem gesünderen und stressfreieren Leben zu verhelfen.

Jetzt machen wir unsere Dienste für alle weltweit zugänglich. Mit unserem neuen  Online Programm "Neuro-Regulierung* kannst du deine Gesundheit, dein Wohlbefinden und deine Leistungsfähigkeit bequem von zu Hause aus verbessern und damit  dein Unternehmen auf ein neues Level bringen.

Dieses zwölfwöchige Programm bietet maßgeschneidertes Coaching für Unternehmer/innen, das auf neurobasierten Ansätzen für Stressbewältigung und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung basiert. Es beinhaltet spezialisierte Einheiten zum Stressmanagement, Mndser-Coaching sowie Expertenbeiträge zu ganzheitlicher Gesundheit und dem Aufbau eines für deine Gesundheit ökologisches Business. 

Irina Lamprecht


I have already helped hundreds of people improve their quality of life and performance through individual solutions.

After the burnout in 2014, I had to completely turn my life around. It was in that moment of darkness that I realized how important mental and physical health are and how closely connected they are. The desire for personal development and the urge for holistic health knowledge prompted me to develop myself further in the field of functional neuroscience. Since I learned about the application of functional neurology in sports and health, I have been fascinated by the incredible possibilities it offers for everyone. Due to my diverse experiences, I have been able to develop individual approaches and continuously adapt them to the needs of my new customers. "Can't be done" - that doesn't exist for me! Does a modern, holistic approach to training appeal to you? Then I warmly welcome you to my world full of possibilities and solutions.

Today I offer further training in the area of stress and pain management, both in face-to-face events and online. My training courses are aimed at physiotherapists, personal trainers, but also at anyone who would like to expand their knowledge in the area of stress and pain management.

Our company is innovative and not only offers you classic support in face-to-face or online format, but we also develop interactive, individual solutions in video format specifically for the regulation of pain and stress. This gives you the opportunity to personalize the training and integrate it into your everyday life in order to improve your pain and stress management.

Neurozentriertes Coaching
Steel Mace Mobility
Kettlebells Training
Neuroathletik Workshop
Advanced Mobility Training
Online Coaching
Körperhaltung Training
Steel Mace Kraft
Neurozentriertes Coaching
Steel Mace Training
Stel Mace Training
Kettlebells Training
Advanced Mobility Training
Körperhaltung Training
Mobility Training
Steel Mace Training

Unsere Angebote

Testimonial des Monats

Irina was recommended to me by a friend because I had been suffering from fatigue, concentration issues, and emotional instability. I had tried various healing methods and was losing hope of living a normal life. After the Nervous System Adjustment with Irina, I received personalized exercises which I diligently followed. Within just a week, I felt a significant improvement. I had much more energy, clarity in my daily life, improved focus on my tasks, and a lot more motivation. Thank you so much! I’m thrilled to have discovered Brain-Based Coaching.

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New approaches to ADHD: Webinar series on the neurocentric approach!

Discover new ways to deal with ADHD! Our webinar series offers practical tips and proven strategies from applied neurology.

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In-house seminars for therapists and personal trainers.

Neuro-rehabilitation and pain therapy.

Introduction to neurologically oriented pain theory and treatment approaches (options).

Who is the seminar suitable for?

  • Athletic, personal and rehabilitation trainer

  • Physiotherapists

  • Anyone who wants to further their education in the area of pain.


Germany, Berlin


0176 497 35 497

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