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The effective and sustainable path to your success


Neuro-coaching for stress and pain management

Individuelle Lösungen einfach gestaltet

Thanks to the latest findings from neuroscience, neurocoaching offers targeted and sustainable solutions to stress and pain. Positive side effects can include improved posture, increased resilience, improved cognitive functions, increased precision and speed, better mobility and much more.

Individual neuro-based regulation

Especially recommended for children and adults with ADHD

Our Individual Neuro-Based Regulation is a tailor-made solution for stress and pain management.

Concentration and attention training.

After a comprehensive online analysis, we create an individual training plan that you can complete in a maximum of 20 minutes a day. Through regular online training and free expert support via WhatsApp or SMS, you benefit from sustainable results. Each plan is individually tailored to your needs and goals.


Neuro-coaching for emotional regulation and resilience

Resolving emotional trauma through working with the nervous system

Research has shown that negative emotions and emotional trauma are expressed in the body in the form of muscular and fascial tissue manifestations.

Neurological studies have found that stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system can cause the resolution of trauma and negative emotions.

In my practice, I combine conventional neurological approaches with meridian tapping, Havening and breathwork to regulate the autonomic nervous system and achieve emotional balance.

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