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Damit unsere Arbeit effizient abläuft, setzen wir gerne auf innovative Technologien. 
Hier kannst du ein davon kennen lernen:
BEMER is eine Frequenztherapie, welche ohne Medikamente und somit ohne Nebenwirkungen funktioniert. Er wirkt auf den gesamten Körper, ist leicht von zu Hause und für die ganze Familie anzuwenden.

More about me

As a mechanical engineer, I made the best decision of my life after suffering a burnout in 2014 when I decided to make a fresh start in the field of health. At the interface between medicine and sport, as a career changer, I first rehabilitated myself and now I am happy to pass on my knowledge and experience. Through my own story, I know how closely physical and emotional health are linked and how important holistic well-being is.

"A healthy lifestyle starts with a fit body. My goal is to understand your personal goals and support you through individual training that is adapted to your nervous system."

My area of expertise includes functional neurology and neural body training. Since 2017, I have been helping my clients in the Berlin area to progress not only physically, but also in their lifestyle. Thanks to my experience and my holistic approach to health and sport, you will soon feel great. Your well-being during training forms the basis for pain modulation and effective movement. With me, you will experience a special training method that benefits from my technical background. Together, we will take structured and targeted steps to achieve your goals. You will not have to do random exercises, because everything is geared towards your long-term success. Through my further training in the field of bodywork and trauma therapy, you will receive holistic and unique support. My experience in rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance improvement in training will benefit you.

Based on the latest findings from neuroscience, I offer neurocentric training that focuses specifically on reducing pain and stress. My goal is to help my clients effectively and sustainably by developing individual solutions that can be easily integrated into their everyday lives. I support you in:


• Establish new routines that reduce your pain and stress reactions,

• Develop strategies to deal with and cope with pain and stressful situations,

• Learn methods that strengthen your physical and emotional resilience and increase your resilience in everyday life.


Together we will develop a customized plan tailored to your specific needs and goals to achieve long-term improvements in your well-being.

What are you waiting for? I'm here to help you. Contact me today ​.

Neuro-based Coaching

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